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Make a Splash

Our strength is not in the theory, it’s in the practice.  

We’ve been CPG Operators as well. At The Brand Consulting, we immerse quickly and thoroughly and thrive in a hands-on approach to strategy development and execution.

What to expect

A comprehensive brand deep-dive followed by a full-day workshop to get cross-functional teams aligned early in the process. This is followed up with a go-to-market strategy informed by historical sales performance and / or forward-looking revenue objectives.

Comprehensive Brand Deep Dive
Full-Day Workshop
Consumer-Centric Go-To-Market Strategy
Meaningful & Differentiated Brand Strategy
Plan Kick-Off / Launch
Driven by our Founder, Alex Galindez, our values have been shaped by 20 years of experience with start-up and established brands in the food, beverage, media and technology industries.
Brand Builders